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Robert Downey Jr/Tony Stark

~somanysauce says...
Iron Man is my favorite Avenger because Tony took the company that Obie used to provide weapons for everyone and turned it back into something good. He took responsibility for a fuck up that wasnt his and tried his best to fix it. Everyone says he is selfish and arrogant but he isnt. He has a heart of gold. Despite what everyone says he really cares and he is a good person who just wants to help the world be a better place

~iamfknironman says...

Because ten years ago he was nearly unhireable and now he has been listed as the most valued celebrity of Hollywood. He taught us how we can never be too far gone and that mistakes don't mean as much as what a person does to get over them. ALSO, HE IS, YOU KNOW. TONY STARK. And he's hot and his sunglasses are the best and he ages like a freaking boss and come on, he brings a whole new level of cool to the sneakers + suit combo.

~coulsons-horcrux says...
Iron Man because again, RDJ, c'mon. and he has such a misunderstood guy. you can't help but love his personality, but he really does care about everyone.

~hikc-649 says...
'K lemme try and put into words why I love RDJ and Iron Man so much. RDJ, because he's so damn talented and hot and basically took over the role of Tony Stark, and Iron Man because he can be so arrogant, but still hilarious and you know he really does care and will protect the people he loves. So yeah <:)

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Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner


~snugglemuffin-lovedove says...

What can I say about Jeremy? I rented The Hurt Locker today and it was one of the most moving movies I have ever seen. He was spectacular. I want to marry him. I know I am only 17 and he is 41 but it could still happen right?

~raineandkisses says...

My favourite Avenger is Hawkeye. One, because the casting was perfect *coughs* and two, because, well, I've always rooted for the underdog in any story. He's the most human of all of them. (and dat ass)

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Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson


~coulsons-horcrux says...

Black Widow because 1. Scarlett Johansson. that's all. 2. she has such a deep back story that makes her character to riviting.

~snugglemuffin-lovedove says...

Not only is Scarlett gorgeous beyond belief but she is an amazing actress. She is one of those women that can be made into anyone

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Mark Ruffalo




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